Goals Has NO Age Limit

Growing up, we have all been told in one fashion or another;

  • Graduate college by 21
  • Married with kids by 25
  • Find a career by 30
  • Be Financially set by 35

These are unrealistic goals for everyone.

Everyday, since I received my B.A degree, I have kicked myself because I did not follow the unrealistic plan that society set out for me. It took me 10 years, to graduate from college . I was married, with a kid, and working 2 jobs all by my senior year of college. 

I’m still not quite sure what career God has in store for me and at almost 40, my husband and I are just now getting our finances together

Previously, I  discussed how I thought I  had to be the smartest, strongest and best person in the freaking world and if not, I failed! Seeing friends around me that were elevating in their careers or those following their life’s  passion made me happy, but real talk, I was straight up jealous and borderline, no make that all the way PISSED!  Here I was, a 37 year old, amazing woman, with a degree that I am not using and at a job that is not my career choice.  Can anyone else relate?

Naturally the self pity and doubt kicked in. Why was God punishing me for the foolish crap I did in college? Did I not deserve the blessings that everyone else was getting? Clearly, I’m not as smart or prepared with life as I thought I was and God is driving a point home. 

Snap out of it B… Why was I letting society dictate what God had in store for me? Why was I letting the devil whisper bad things in my ear and I continued to allow it? 

I mean, Colonel Sanders wasn’t famous for KFC until he hit 60.  Samuel L. Jackson and Morgan Freeman were not even in their prime career wise until mid 50s, so why did I think God was mad at me? Especially, since he has proven time and time again that Age is literally nothing but a number!

When we allow the world to determine our steps and stop allowing God to be the driving force in our lives, we wallow away in pity and play the victim game. We ultimately stop our blessing because we are too busy being focused on everyone else’s blessing. 

It’s okay if you did not get the job you wanted right after college. It’s okay if you don’t have kids until 35 or older. It’s even okay if you don’t ever get married. The only thing that’s not okay, is not breaking the generational curses that manipulates people into thinking that having debt is good (we will save that for a later post). 

So, remember, God blesses those who are faithful and true in him. He will sometimes allow you to go through very specific trails and tribulations in order to make it to the finish line. 

I thank God for my trails and tribulations! They weren’t the easiest and they dang sure wasn’t fun, but those trails inspired me to write this blog so that I can speak my truth and maybe help many of you along the way.