Affirmation Monday

Hello and Happy Monday,

We all know that Monday is the least favorite day of the week. If you work a typical Monday thru Friday job, you’re super excited to see Friday and less excited to see Monday rearing its hideous head from behind Sunday’s door.

Maybe this day is not

One of your favorites but

Never forget that every

Day you wake up is an

Amazing gift and it’s up to

You to make it count.…Author Unknown.

We will no longer subject Mondays to be the evil stepmother of the week. Instead let’s take Monday’s and Punch it in the Face. 

This weeks Monday Affirmation: I start this week, this day, this moment brand new and bring the best I can into it.  

4 thoughts on “Affirmation Monday

    1. I’m so glad you found this inspirational. I look forward to continuing have more Monday motivations like this.


    1. Thank you for your response. Monday’s are extremely hard! I hope my Monday Motivations will help make Monday’s our new favorite day of the week


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