Grace is Hard

Hey everyone,

In this weeks blog post, we will talk about how a five letter word can make or break you. That word is Grace… 

Grace, is one of the simplest yet, most perplexed words ever. 

Per the Oxford English Dictionary  it states,  

“Grace, is a quality of behavior that is polite and pleasant and deserves respect.” 

In a previous post, I stated I was in therapy.  One of the biggest reasons I started therapy, was to get over my aggressions and fears.  During a very  intense session,  my therapist looked me in the eye and said,  “why don’t you give yourself enough grace?” 

As I looked bemused, I thought to myself, “What does she mean, I don’t give myself grace?  Both my therapist and my homegirl keeps telling me this.

Sitting in my chair like a deer in the headlights on this zoom therapy teleconference call, it hit me like a ton a brinks. I am such a bully to myself If I’m not flawless. I tear myself apart. I NEVER give myself GRACE!!

Grace….a million dollar word. 

Prior to the pandemic, I was what some people called a supermom. And when I mean some people, I mean me. Between my insane work hours, such as  picking up two kids after school at two different locations I some how manage to juggle, work, overtime, husband, kids, kids activities, homework, dinner and a daily shower. (Yeah, it’s the shower part that makes me the supermom). 

Now, being the busy little beaver that I was, there were plenty of days I was to exhausted and honestly, I was over cooking and doing everything.  

To be fair, I have an amazing husband who helps when he can. He just has normal banker type hours while I have very unconventional, early morning nurse hours without the title or pay.  

One day, I was extremely  tired. I was over cooking and may have been on the verge of a normal mental mom breakdown.  I decided to ask my husband to grab dinner. 

Well, anyone who knows me, knows I felt like the worst wife in the WORLD. 

Yes, I felt inadequate because I asked my husband, the father of my children, to grab dinner on his way home.  

Why? I told you, I’m Supermom!

In my mind,  I should be able to handle whatever life threw at me with zero qualms. 

Married women with kids, have you honestly ever felt like the scum of the earth? You know,  when you do 10,000 things and yet if you don’t do one thing, you feel you failed as a wife or maybe a mom? 

If you answered No, I think you’re full of it, but that’s my opinion. 

Now for those of us who said yes, STOP IT! Today, give yourself GRACE. There goes that word again.

So what if the dishes didn’t get washed today, who cares if the house was ram-sacked after the 100th time cleaning it. 

Name at least 1 thing you did today that warrants grace.  Did you at least take a shower, bath or clean the essential areas? If  you answered yes, you’re already off to a fabulous day. 

So today, smile! Look yourself in the mirror and give yourself a kiss. You deserve it, because you are phenomenal!  You are Grace! 

2 thoughts on “Grace is Hard

  1. Grace, is a major struggle for me. I’m blessed to say that I’m learning to give myself some each and everyday!


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