You are wanted!!

Today’s blog/poem I wrote, focusing on how we as women view ourselves as less than others. Even when we have it all, do we really, truly have it all??????

Try not to wear your heart on your sleeve they say. You finally dared to show affection, but his full attention is not there. You feel lost and weak. Feeling like a woman battered until she’s blue in the face.

Defeated, misguided, a broken fool. A woman of love which is limited and barely true. You want the happiness and tired of the pain. Tired of feeling lonely and ashamed.

Void filler, love healer, graceful soul. Take away the hell that is embedded in this domiciled place. Take away the bitter, the hate, the unconditional love, and the feelings of being spat in the face.

Love has no limit! That’s not at all true. The love for you ran out long before you knew.

So, where does this lead? Moments of weakness, feelings of despair. Leaving it all behind, but is that fair?




and repeat. You are not alone. You, yes you have me!

But you and I are we, not the same? Are we not the same or have you forgotten your name? UnForgotten, and UNSTOPPABLE!!

Pick up your crown, yes YOU!!! 

Be Loved, be fearless, be magical, be wanted! Because You’re Wanted! YOU ARE WANTED!!!!

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