Parenting 101..01

We all remember the classic Will Smith song, “Parents Just Don’t Understand”. But, what if in 2020, someone Parodied it and called it “Parents Want to Understand”?

I am a mom of two intelligent, vibrant, outspoken, strong, beautiful little girls, and every day with these two is an adventure!!!

I have a 10-year-old/ pre-teen in the making and my 5-year-old… Well, that’s a whole other story. She is bossy, mouthy, and I think a borderline bully towards her older sister.

My 10-year-old is very sweet, charismatic, and very trusting in others (I think her trust bar is too high up). Her sister is a loving, kind yet old spirit in nature. I seriously think my youngest was an elderly woman in her former life. Like, the grandma that watched Bob Barker’s Price is Right and her stories(soap operas for those who are not familiar with that terminology)

Now, when the eldest and her little grandma (I mean) little sister starts to argue, I feel like I’m watching Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, secretly wondering, which one will bite the others ear-off first. Seriously, I tend to wonder why 2pac really used the wordsThug Life? We all know the real meaning, (if you don’t, look it up), but I personally think he was slick talking about Toddlers.

The audacity of these terrorists, I mean toddlers. Have you sat with a current 5-year-old? If not, thank me later.

Many of my friends say, “your kids are so smart and will change the world one day”. They ask me what my secret is. Honestly, I have no freaking clue….

Okay, you laugh but seriously I have no clue. I’m not a super mom, and there isn’t a supermom book (hmm maybe I should write one). But I do listen to them, empathize when needed but get on them when it’s relevant.

Sometimes, we have to break out the old school parenting tricks(use your imagination), but we use them within reasons.

Frankly, I’m not perfect by any means. I lack patience, but I’m very empathetic and will apologize when I have a bad day. So many parents yell at children, treat them less than perfect, and are unwilling to apologize. Children understand parents make mistakes and we are not perfect, but we have to break that generational cycle and start apologizing to them because we love them.

Kids are a lot more resilient and bounce back quicker than adults when we are open, honest, and learn to apologize.

So really what is the trick? The trick is to stop reading parenting books and do what is right for you and your family. Spend more time being with your kids and less time on social media. Yes, take a social media detox, it’s not that hard. Be the parent your parents weren’t or be the parents yours were, but better.

There is nothing I can say that will make you be better, only you can do that.

Today, please focus on family and the joy your children bring, especially during this time of togetherness.

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