Mental Check…Yourself

Believe it or not, I’m a whole mess. I want to be loved, liked, and always wanted to be apart of the crowd. I hurt easily and hold in so much negative energy, to where it’s difficult to forgive and forget the things that people have done to me. Anyone else feel that way?

Growing up, I was easily influenced by people because of my health issues. I always wanted to fit in and easily trusted so many people. I became so emotionally withdrawn, that I used prayer to get me through so many tough situations.

I felt so personally attacked when people switched up their energy towards me. I was even appalled, when it came from people who I trusted, loved, and treated like family.

Did anyone else notice the common theme in this?


I am a common theme in this. I allowed myself to be hurt, I allowed myself to not let go, I allowed my mind and energy to be persuaded.

I had to stop, and do a Mental Check of myself.

So often we allow outsiders to influence us as an individual. If you’re anything like me, you get so emotionally attached or invested in others and when one thing goes wrong, it feels like a personal attack on you.

We feel Heartache, misery, and ashamed. But, what we tend to forget, is how God shows up and shows out. Sometimes the relationships we have are toxic or sometimes people need to be removed from our lives.

For me, being personally attacked brought upon unimaginable hurt and yes I sought therapy for that too. However; I realized I wasn’t the problem.

Here I am, crying like a baby. Crying over a friendship that God removed for me. The same God, I prayed to months earlier and asked for the removal of negative energy. The same God, who answered me when I asked to steer me in his direction. Yet, I’m worried about why we were no longer friends when in reality, it had everything to with a simple prayer to God. God was telling he was in control.

When you are dealing with obstacles in your life, whether it be friends, family, career, etc. stop and do a mental check on yourself. Sometimes the issue might be you. Sometimes it maybe others, but in all cases, it’s God making moves.

So today and every day, stop and do a mental check of yourself. Make sure you can function regardless of others around you.

One thought on “Mental Check…Yourself

  1. So true and so real. I’m still dealing with losing others but you’ve reminded me of who is in control.


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