Blog Challenge

Happy Friday, today, I’m going to be as transparent as possible. During the past few weeks, I have contemplated ending my short run with this blog. I stopped believing in myself, doubt started to settle in, and I felt the amount of traffic declined. I was in a slump, and allowed fear to settle back in.

As I enjoyed my 4-day weekend, I was ready to throw in the towel. Although I use Facebook a lot, I rarely look at Facebook Messenger. Why? Well, I get a lot of unnecessary game requests or chain letters that I will never send. But one faithful day, during my time off, I opened my messenger and saw a message from an old college roommate, friend, blog subscriber. In reading her message, she was directing me to the #MJConsistencyChallenge. Wow, this was the affirmation I needed.

To be straightforward, I’m terrified of this blog challenge! I question my writing and writing styles. I have changed from one hosting site to another on top of manipulating my page to fit a perfect blog narrative.

As I embark on this daily challenge, my goal is to drive in more traffic, get a message out to many, and eventually become a boss blog babe for others.

I know I have a story to tell, I know I have a voice in this world. I pray my blog will translate my voice and pray for others to appreciate this journey.

Have a Happy and Blessed weekend! Tune in next Monday.

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