Grace with Parents and School

Coronavirus, COVID -19 Pandemic, and face mask are the main topics of 2020. As we entered into the year 2020, we all had hope, happiness, vision boards, and trips we’ve been planning for months. We just knew 2020, would be our year to celebrate, become debt-free, or finally leave that job you hated, then, life happened. Jobs closed, schools closed, the economy was shutting down. The apocalypse was upon us with nowhere to turn to but God.

As the months progressed, people started feeling trapped, tapped out, physically, mentally, and for most spiritually drained, and the end is still not clear.

Every day states reopening and preparing for the 2020-2021 school year. It is almost the beginning of the school year, and many states are urging parents to choose between in-school learning or virtual learning, which neither option is ideal.

When I scroll through my social media, I see comments of hatred, anger, rage, and vulgarity because a parent decided to keep their kids at home or parents decided to send their child(ren) to school. Let’s stop and give grace to everyone.

Being a parent with serious medical issues, my children will be doing virtual learning at home. My husband and I have contemplated which option was best for our family. However, my cardiologist made this choice clear, due to my onset heart issues, our children would be staying home. This idea scared the absolute HELL out of me. Why?

1.) I am not a professional teacher (God bless all teachers)
2.) My work schedule is intense, plus mandatory overtime
3.) I’m trying to teach two children in various grade levels
4.) the schools haven’t provided clear and concise outlines for virtual learning and,
5.) I’m fighting to get myself together mentally.

We entertained the idea of doing a traditional homeschool program but ultimately decided to work directly with the school’s distant learning program. Distance learning was still a hard and not so ideal option.

Parents who chose to send their kids to school also had to make a tough decision.

1.) Their children may have a learning disability.
2.) They have to work in an office or unable to work from home.
3.) They live in an abusive environment, and school is their child’s outlet.
4.) They may not have food at home, and again, school maybe their child’s outlet.
5.) They want to send their kids to school because it’s their choice.

Regardless, they had to make a unique choice for their child(ren).

When we look at everyone’s personal choice, we need to stop being so judgemental and start giving each other grace. We live in a society where someone else business somehow becomes our business. We are a society of hate, misunderstanding, and always needing to express our own opinion even when it’s invalid.

Let’s be honest none of us has ever experienced anything like this. This pandemic is relatively new to each of us. But to get through this, we have to cheer for each other.

It’s okay if that parent wants to send their child to school. It’s okay if this parent wants to keep their child at home. What is not okay is shaming individuals for being their children’s advocate. What is not okay is pushing your political belief, religious belief, moral belief, or opinion on someone, especially if they did not ask for it.

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