Pandemic Blessings

God, family, togetherness, and patience. These are four things since the pandemic that I’ve come to love and appreciate more now than ever. What if this pandemic in 2020, never happened? What if life was “normal”?

When 2019, ended, I had a feeling of hope, excitement, and vision board of the things I wanted to accomplish in the year 2020. 

My vision board consisted of;

  1. God
  2. Family
  3. Togetherness
  4. Mental Health
  5. Blogging and 
  6. Reading more 

Now, technically my vision came true, minus the pandemic. I question if the pandemic did not exist, would I have achieved my goals. 

You see, God has always been important to me, but has he always been the forefront of my life? This question may sound crazy, but if you examine your life, could you say, God is the light of your heart and your house. Throughout the years, I always loved God, depended on him, and tried to have a direct dialog with him, but since the virus, my spirit has been on a spiritual journey, to reconnect and refocus on God. I’m not asking more questions, trying to learn more, and eventually become hungry for God. 

Family and togetherness go hand and hand. Yes, I spend time with my family, especially my children. Yes, we do fun activities like bowling, skating, playing outside, and visiting friends. I had to wonder, when was the last time we had a family movie night, family date night, or family game night? Our family had to make changes, and Ms. Rona made sure to help with this. On hot and humid days, I found myself spending more time outside with my husband while he cut grass, or build things. At first, I didn’t think twice about it until he said, just my presence meant the world to him. Although I spent time taking my eldest to karate, most times, my youngest felt left out. Once Karate reopened, my youngest and I would sit in the car working on ABCMouse or many times having conversations about school, life, and the pandemic.

Before the pandemic, I wanted to work on my mental health. I found I needed to work on myself as a person, wife, and mother.

Since the pandemic, it has helped me become more open, very transparent, and a better person overall. Therapy helped me see my blog vision and find my voice while doing it. Coronavirus has given me the time to work on me and my blog. 

When 2020, came, I became a part of a book club, but since the virus, the book club has been non-existent. Part of us not being able to do the book club is due to schedules, part of it is due to my friend, starting to work on her LPN degree. Yet, I still find myself reading more because of the virus than I ever have before. 

So, what if the Coronavirus never happened, would I have had my vision board completed? I don’t believe it I would.

Even though this pandemic is scary to most, and there is a lot of uncertainty that comes with it, I am thankful for what it provided. The virus gave me what I needed, God, family, togetherness, and patience.

This pandemic forced me to work on this blog, something I’ve wanted to do for years, and allowed me to let go of the fear. We never fully understand who God is, when the devil tries to hit us with chaos and confusion. 

Today, focus on the love of God during this pandemic. Even in times of adversity, God is always present, and right on time. A pandemic is no exception!

May God find peace in your heart during this hard time. 

Until Next time, B. 

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