That’s a Wrap (July Challenge)

For the month of July, I was tasked with completing a blog every day except the weekends. Every day, I had to tap into my creative juices and speak directly from the heart. I wanted to be as transparent as possible.

During this time, I found myself not focused, exhausted, and having that feeling of fear. Each day I wrote, I did not believe my writing would be good enough. As the days turned into weeks and weeks turned into almost August, I realized how stretched thin I was.

No, this blog did not stretch me, in fact, with all the negativity in my mind, my writing freed so much headspace. For the entire month, it seemed as if something was going on in my personal or professional none blog life.

In the first week of this challenge, I was ready, willing, and able. I had posts I was waiting to use and some I wished I had saved for later, but no matter what, I was ready to take on this challenge.

By week three, life started to happen. My job was having system issues. I could not dig my way out of a paper bag with work inventory, to add insult to injury death came knocking on my door in threes. There were a few days I barley could pick my head off the pillow or my face out of the toilet. Oh, I forgot, I’m working on eating a plant-based/vegan lifestyle. The few times I decided to defer from eating healthier, I paid for it with my face in the toilet. Like I said, week three was a stretch.

As I bring this blog challenge to an end, I question is this the end of my daily blog journey, or do I continue to press on? Am I making a difference, and/or changing lives?

With August fast approaching, I wonder, will I be stretched again, to another breaking point, or will I continue to let the anger, hurt, and pain fuel my fire?

July challenged me but in a positive way. It created a new life in me that I never imagined could exist once again.

With this challenge coming to a final farewell, I want to say how much I appreciated being vulnerable. I appreciated the new followers, the personalized email comments, and those who took interest in creating their own personal blogs. Although July is over, Rediscovering B is still on her grind. Let’s see what August brings.

Have an amazing weekend!

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