August Monday Motivations

Good Morning everyone! Wow, we are officially in August, and for many of us, school starts in a week. Whether you plan to send your children to school, virtual learning, or traditional homeschool, this month will test you mentally, physically, and spiritually.

With life still being unreal, I want to motivate all my parents to try to keep a positive outlook, if not for you, then for your child(ren). We are all living in scary times, but we are all in this together.

Today, I challenge parents by asking you to prepare your child(ren) for an unusual school year. Please assist your children with,

  1. Learning to wear a mask
  2. Washing their hands for 20 seconds
  3. Covering their mouths when they sneeze
  4. Personal space and
  5. Keeping a positive attitude while learning in a unique environment.

Parents, please try to do your due diligence by creating a happy and safe environment. Kids feed off parents’ energy, remember, the attitude you have, will be the attitude and mentality of your child.

3 thoughts on “August Monday Motivations

  1. It has to be hard for parent to decide if they are letting their kids go back into the building this year. My grandkids are doing the virtual schooling. They are not letting their kids go back this year at all.

    It really is a hard decision for everyone.

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    1. First, I have to say, you do not look like anyone’s grandmother, so kudos.
      Next, this has been the hardest decision we had to make. I will be homeschooling or as the schools cal it, doing distant learning with both of my girls.

      I just pray, this virus ends soon and that I’m able to make this happen effectively for them.


      1. Thank you Blair for the compliment.

        That is great that the kids are doing distant learning. We have been praying almost everyday that this virus be destroyed.


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