Birds of a Feather…

While cleaning up the bushes in my yard this past weekend, I came across an empty nest. Before the pandemic, I would not have seen this nest in a different perspective.

While staring at this empty nest, I saw a home for a family that wants to live there. Looking a little closer, I saw how soft the inside of the nest was for an egg and the baby bird, but on the outside, it was hard and rugged, there to protect the nest from other elements and to maintain stability.

Birds are amazing animals that will move Heaven and Earth for their babies. Then I asked myself, how is a momma bird able to build such a well-constructed home with no hands and just a beak? While visualizing this, I realized, I too am a momma bird. I am tough, powerful, courageous, and will go to great lengths to protect whatever is significant to me.

As a parent of two young girls, I cannot see myself sending them into a school that doesn’t have the capabilities to protect children from the Coronavirus. I know some parents are not able to keep their children at home. I understand the reality of being a stay at home mother is terrifying. But, I will go to the ends of the earth to make sure my girls are safe.

Seeing this nest gave me a sense of strength I forgot I possessed. It made me re-evaluate who I was and gave me a sense of security I needed.

Like a bird, no matter how free I am to soar, my home and my children depend on me for their protection.

Today, set your intentions and focus on the little things.

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