Monday Motivation

Stress, fear, frustration, and confusion describes every Monday I wake up. As the alarm sounds at 4:30 AM, I want to cry, as the weekend was not long enough. But, regardless of my feelings, I have to remember God woke me up this morning.

As you enter out into the world today, yes, you can think about the stress you may encounter at work, kids heading back to school stress, or the daily increase of COVID 19 numbers, be thankful you are alive.

Yes, work is a trigger for me and so many people, but think about all those who are currently out of a job. If you are currently out of a job, consider those who may be homeless. Last, if you are homeless, God gave you another opportunity, because someone else did not wake up.

Today, let’s focus on the little things. Little things mean a lot, appreciate every moment of your life because tomorrow is never promised.

Happy Monday, May your day be filled with happiness, laughter, love, and giving thanks.

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