Ignore Anxiety, Motivate your Monday

Good Morning Beautiful and Happy Monday! Well, today is the first official day of school for my little ones and boy am I nervous but excited all at the same time. Many of you are aware we have decided to do Distant Learning with our girls, not for them, but because I have an underlying health condition.

Last Friday, I think my anxiety got the best of me. My throat was sore, my body was tired, and my mental stability was off-kilter. Am I making the right decision by keeping them home, or am I just a tired, worn-out mother? The answer is yes, and yes. Let’s be honest children are getting sick from Covid-19. Three schools in our area have already moved classes to distant learning due to positive cases, but I’m also tired and feel my body breaking down.

I decided to take me a day off today, to understand what schooling will look like for at least the first 9-weeks of school. This week I know I will be stretched to the brink, but I pray God continues to give me strength.

Today, I motivate you all to let go of anxiety whether you have children in school, at home, or no children at all. Anxiety leads to stress, and we cannot allow stress and fear to consume our lives.

Have a Happy, Bless, and Fabulous Monday!

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