Natural Obsession

Head, shoulder, knees, and toes, until those funky armpits, hits your nose.

This has been the story of my family’s lives, ever since we decided to develop a healthier lifestyle. Yes, this includes; eating, drinking, exercising, and using all-natural products.

A few years back, my husband and I watched this Netflix show called Stink. In this series, the husband had to finish writing the narrative for his wife, who died of cancer. Throughout the series, he talked about the clothes, products, and other everyday items we use, that are slowly killing us, like it did his wife. This series changed our mindsets and lifestyle.

Over the years, we traded cheaper items for the more expensive all-natural products. We started purchasing the all-natural $7 dishwashing detergent, instead of the store brand $3 product. This also led us to develop a vegetarian and some times a vegan lifestyle as well as purchasing natural deodorant.

I have tried what felt like every natural deodorant possible. We used, Shmidt, Tom’s, Native, Mitchum, and finally Type A deodorant. Month after month, I wasted money because they did not give me the full protection I wanted and needed. Well, back to the drawing board.

While researching black-owned businesses, I came across four black entrepreneurs that created their own deodorant line. As I researched each company to figure out what was best for my family, I found the Playpits deodorant line.

I chose this company because;

  • Black-owned business
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Similar story
  • Products for all members of the family

This brand checked all my requirements, now time to order.

Typically, black-owned businesses get a bad reputation for terrible customer service. Thankfully, that was not the case with this company. As I navigated the easy to operate website, I was prompted to input my email address to enjoy 10% off my first purchase. Great, Sign me up! The next step was choosing a deodorant. Did I want to only order one for myself, or should I get the 3-pack for the entire family? I opted for the 3 pack).

Once my order was completed, the next day, I received an email with two of the owner’s sons, with a thank you letter (for me, the little details matter). Two days later, I received another email, introducing the owner and the son that inspired her (score again). Within four days, my order was shipped to my address, and by day seven, I had my deodorants, with a welcome flyer and a personal code, to share with family and friend, (again the little details went a long way).

Now for the test!

Placing the deodorant under my armpits, I fell immediately in love with the smell. Now for the real test. My eldest is a 3rd-degree brown belt in karate. This means, her next test is THE Blackbelt test.

I figured, if she was able to get through a Saturday afternoon class without funky armpits, we are winning. Oh by the way, the Saturday class consist of majority of 3rd to 6th-degree black belts.

As my daughter exited out of this very intense karate class dripped in sweat on a 90 degree Saturday, my nose instantly tensed up. And then it happened, she entered into my car, and the smell of lemon and grapefruit filled my car. Before I could peel off in my car, I texted everyone to say hurry up and buy. Yes, this deodorant as my youngest would say, was a winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Although it is black-owned everyone can use it. I have found this to be the BEST natural deodorant by far. It’s so amazing, my husband gets compliments from his non-black coworkers.

So please order yours today and don’t forget to take a selfie with your new product and tag my Instagram @_rediscoveringb

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