Pray, Slay, Repeat: Monday Motivation

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

Today starts week two of virtual (distant) learning, with the girls, and honestly, last week was an absolute nightmare! The week started rough with faulty system issues, by day two we were making strides, but by the end of the week, between the Zoom calls, answering kids’ questions, and working my real job, I felt as if I wasn’t sufficient, and was failing at life. I cried, and cried, drank wine, and cried again.

I cried more in one week (maybe one day) than I probably have in 37 years. I know I am amazing, and with God, all things are possible, but last week tested me to the brink. But, we made it to Friday, and now here we are.

I was able to get through the week because I har daily prayers, read scriptures, and thought about how my actions would be perceived by my girls. If I breakdown, will this show strength, weakness, vulnerability, or all of the above?

It’s time for me to pray, slay, repeat.

When I became frustrated, prayer was my go-to. I prayed God would give me the strength to help redirect my 1st grader, he would help me encourage my 5th grade, and he would help me to be slow to anger. check ✔️

Next, it was time for me to slay at being a mom, wife, and worker. I had to create a time management schedule to help me get through each day. Yes, mom is now working as an intern (with no pay) for my children. Between scheduling zoom calls, homework time, breakfast, lunch, and dinner breaks, I was meeting with my supervisors and calling on claims I had to work for work. Rockstar status. check ✔️

Now, time to cook, clean, karate, and sleep. Next day repeat.

If you have not started homeschooling yet, I’ll be very transparent, the first week is extremely rough, but I know it’ll get better from here.

So this Monday and every day, remember to Pray first, Slay second, then repeat.

Have a marvelous week!

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