Hair Wrap

Today, I want to talk to you all about working out and the joys of the black women’s hair. Being a black woman is phenomenal, but when it comes to working out, our hair never wants to cooperate.

Originally from Detroit, I grew up always going to a hairdresser, wearing perms, and never really had to worry about my hair messing up from dancing, or working out. In 2001, I migrated to Tennessee, attending the illustrious Tennessee State University.

As a broke college student in a new city, I had to learn to go without a perm, and as they say, the rest is history. I haven’t worn a perm in almost 20years, but I’m not the beautiful curly, afro black hair either. My hair has three hair grades, the back I call coming to America, My right side I call transitions and the left, is Becky with the GOOD hair. Because I’m still working on hair transition, anytime I get my hair done, I never wanted to work out.

Falling in love with yoga, I had to figure out a way to get my hair done and keep up with my mental and physical health. After doing some research, I came across the Nicole Ari Parker Gymwrap.

Yes, Nicole Ari Parker, from the tv show Soul Food, who married her co-star Boris Kodjoe, (he also plays on one of my favorite new shows, Station 19).

The first time I used the gym wrap, I was highly impressed, my hair stayed true to form.

  • I loved how the gym wrap worked with my flat ironed hair
  • The fit was comfortable
  • Although I was sweating away, my hair stayed dried
  • Yes, it is 100% washable

After getting comfortable with wearing this and working out, the pandemic happened, and yoga became a thing of the past. Like many, I haven’t worked out in months, and my wrap sat in my drawer.

Recently I was under an eminence amount of stress. Working From Home, I haven’t been able to have time, and now I’m about to become a distant learning teacher. Talk about STRESS.

While my husband went to serve at church, I decided to take a walk with the girls. It was a hot August day, and the week before, I just had my hair straightened. Well, here goes nothing.

I changed into my workout clothes and wrapped my hair up in my gym wrap. My children and I took a walk around the subdivision, which lasted almost 30-minutes.

Once completed, I was sweaty, sticky, and stinky, but my hair was everything.

Yes, my hair was amazing to a point I had to write this blog. Even on one of the hottest days, the sweat did not damage my hair. However, here are a few key points to keep in mind,

-Wrap up your hair similar to the way you wear a scarf at bedtime
-use a little edge control on the edges, to slick them down before tying your gym wrap
-Use a few hair clips to keep the hair intact
-Make sure you tie down your hair as tight as possible
-Wait at least 15-20 minutes before taking your wrap off
-brush hair out and take a picture because you are fabulous.

Check out the Gym wrap for yourself at Don’t forget to post a pic and tag gymwrap and my Instagram and/or Facebook pages.

One thought on “Hair Wrap

  1. I use to wear what you are wearing to keep my hair in place. But that only lasted a week because I tired of that. So now I do not do nothing. I just get that workout done. When I am done of course my hair is soaking wet.

    Which means for me the rest of the week it just have to be natural. No curling it. Curling my hair is only going to make more work for me and plus having that much heat on my hair is not a good thing.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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