New Year, New Me Monday Motivation

Happy New Year 2021 and Happy Monday!

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe we made it out of 2020 and are practically in February. Last year, I started my blog and was extremely happy with the work I put into it. Unfortunately, by the middle of the year, I was mentally drained! No, I loved working on my blog, but at one point, I allowed fear to set back in, feeling once again, I wasn’t good enough.

My Monday Motivation this week is finding your way back to you. 2021 is a fresh start. This year, let us incorporate hope, dreams, and aspirations. Become that blogger, nurse, beautician, Youtuber, be YOU!

This year, let’s grab fear and punch it in the FACE! Let’s celebrate our wins, our failures, and everything else in between. Today, do something radical, something out of the ordinary. Today, be YOU!

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