Adjusting my Crown

This year, I am adjusting my crown!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is unique. Beauty is whatever you make it, if looking from deep within. Through life, I’ve lived through people telling me I was beautiful, ugly, or at least dateable. Through it all, I never looked deep within me.

As I focus on making it to 40, I realized the voice I lost from within. My light has dimmed, and sometimes I don’t know who I am. How did I become so voiceless, weak, or sometimes a victim in my mind? Is it because of how I allowed others to validate who I am? Short answer, yes!

I am a Queen who allowed her crown to be tilted, but not anymore. I allowed stupidity, negativity, hatred, and lies to dictate the person I was. My space is my peace to keep. As I adjust my crown, I realized I’m beautiful, intelligent, and unapologetically DOPE! I wear so many hats, but my crown is the one I must re-polish. I have to allow myself to wear my crown and not let my crown wear me. I am a diamond in the rough, a precious gem. I am wonderfully, uniquely made, because I am me!

2021, I’m coming for you! This year, I will no longer succumb to negative energy because I am a princess adjusting her crown to be a QUEEN!

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