40 before 40

“Blaow! Tadow! Watch out now, uh-huh
It’s the Lil’ one and I’m not Bow Wow.” Yes I went completely old school with that lol.


Oh my goodness, I can’t believe in 2-years, I’ll be hitting the 40-year-old train. I never thought God would bless me this far let alone 40 being even in sight. Yes, I’ve been through three open heart surgeries, two c-sections and a few miscarriages but, I’m here now and I thank God everyday.

Navigating through life, I’ve experienced so many wonderful things:
Getting married
Having children
My bachelors degree,
Our first home
Family cruise and
Working on being debt free

Although all of this is exciting and God has truly been grateful to us, I would love to accomplish a few more things in the next two years. I pray God continue to pour down the blessings.

Without further ado, here is my 40 before 40

  1. Continue to put God first
  2. Reading/understanding the bible
  3. 3. Established Prayer time
  4. Seeing my beauty & loving me
  5. Self care
  6. Continue to be Family focused
  7. Continue to be the Best wife EVER
  8. Spouse trip (no kids)
  9. Be the woman my children need to see
  10. Finding my passion
  11. Become debt free
  12. Making God the forefront of my business
  13. Master blogging and monetize from it
  14. Become a full time blogger
  15. Write a book/journal
  16. Start my podcast/YouTube station
  17. Co-host a blog and/or Podcast
  18. Help my daughters become bloggers/vloggers
  19. Learning forgiveness
  20. Meet Michelle Obama
  21. Be on Ellen(we have the same birthdays)
  22. Speak at Essence Festival
  23. Learn to roller/ice skate
  24. Be fluent in Arabic, Japanese and French
  25. Develop stronger relationships with family members who haven’t always been apart of my life
  26. Learn to bake (yeah I’m not so great)
  27. Eating healthier
  28. Do an international cruise/ or go to Jerusalem
  29. Write our will/ obituary
  30. Get life insurance (outside of work)
  31. Become a Yogi (yoga enthusiast)
  32. Be featured as a black writer
  33. Read 1-2 books a month for a year
  34. Learn to garden
  35. Drinking a lot more water
  36. Random acts of kindness
  37. Get my braces back
  38. Go zip lining 😖
  39. Visit 2 states I’ve never been to
  40. Work on my 50 before 50 blog

If God is willing, I will make this reality. What are five things you want to accomplish, before your next milestone?

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