Grace with Schooling our Children

Last year, the coronavirus brought along some unorthodox challenges. Families had to decide to send their children to school or keep them home for distant/virtual learning. When school started in August here in Tennessee, I refused to send my kids to school. I am a follower of Christ, and I would not be a child of God if I did not express how scared I was to send my beautiful babies to school.

During the first weeks, my eldest thrived. My oldest’s teacher was extraordinary, as he had a curriculum that catered to all learning. My poor 1st grader, not so much. Let’s be fair asking a teacher to teach a bunch of 1st graders in class and on zoom calls is like asking a bull to never charge after a red cloth. There were plenty of days my little one completed all assignments, and for the remainder of the day, we argued because she wanted to play while I worked and my eldest had zoom calls. Talk about a crap show.

During September, my husband took a week off of work. While I worked, he helped with zoom calls, assignments, and a rowdy 6-year-old. Towards the end of the week, he was ready to go back to work in the office. I could not blame him.

As fall break approached, we had to make a tough decision. Is it worth my sanity with possible no covid, or peace of mind with possible covid? Yeah, no-win situation, but we opted for them to return to school.

The first week back, my girls were happy. My youngest went to bed early, and they each had smiles on their faces. Then it happened! No, my children did not contract covid, but a couple of kids in my eldest class did contract the virus, and I was petrified! I felt like the worse mom in the universe because my kids could potentially get covid, pass it to me, and then I would die. Yes, I know a radical idea. However, with my health issues, this was my thought process. We all spent 14 days in quarantine, and by the grace of God, we all survived.

We are now in the second semester of the school year, and yep we are in the flu season. We have continued to send the girls to school. Look, I know no idea is perfect, but seeing my kids thrive and knowing God is protecting them was all I needed to get by. This school year has once again been one for the ages, and I pray by 2021-2022, life is close to being back to normal.

So parents, please take heed to your gut! Never let anyone deter you one way or another. You, my friend, have to do what is right as a parent. Whether you decided to do distance learning, traditional or traditional homeschool, do what works for you and no one else. Give yourself grace, friends, because you are doing an amazing job for yourself and your family.

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